James Lechuga @ Directors Financial

James Lechuga @ Directors Financial


“I would like to personally say Thank You to Jason at Christiansen Capital for his extreme Professionalism and super fast funding! Christiansen Capital was successful in closing our clients approved N/O/O short sale listing that was up for Auction within the following 10 days. Jason and his team were able to issue us a LOI within 24-72 hours of submitting our emergency project summary and close within the 5-7 days as disclosed upfront in the beginning process. Our discreet client, a High Level Fortune 500 Executive Commercial RE Broker /Agent almost lost there negotiated performing short sale investment to Wells Fargo at auction if Jason hadn’t stepped in to save the day. In closing I will continue to endorse and package all out of the box deals and allow Christiansen Capital first right of refusal to close our deals!”

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